An Appeal for Peace in Ukraine | Message from the Turusu Indian


To the leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.

I know how important the sovereignty of the territory that is rightfully ours is. Our lands are constantly threatened by invaders who take from us more than a piece of land, they take part of our lives. Thinking about it, I remember with sadness in my heart the suffering that the Ukrainian people have been experiencing for months. An invasion without plausible motives that kills innocent civilians and takes land with brutality as was done in the past. However, despite this absurdity, I fear that something more serious is approaching.

Climate change could destroy the Earth for centuries to come if nothing is done today, but a much greater danger could be close at hand that seriously threatens our planet. A nuclear war can terribly stain human history with blood and pain. If a vine is stretched without ceasing, the moment of rupture will arrive that will break it, breaking the stability that it sustained. The escalation of the war in Ukraine is being constant and a point of no return will surely happen if this war is not stopped immediately.

So, I think that the strategy of military aid to Ukraine aimed at retaking the occupied territories will prolong the war to the point of no return. After all the consequences that the invasion generated for Russia, Putin will not accept to lose the Ukrainian territories that he illegitimately annexed. He does not bluff and will go to the extreme making use of atomic arsenal in order not to lose the war. If that happens, humanity will be in serious danger of extinction. Today, our planet is more threatened than the Amazon. Therefore, Mr President Biden, if the worst happens, future generations will hold not only Putin responsible for a global nuclear holocaust, but also you, President Zelensky and the leaders who support you in maintaining and feeding this conflict with the intention of strengthening the Ukraine to retake stolen territories.

In the future, when Putin is no longer in power, his successors will understand that the annexations promoted by him were a big mistake and will certainly return all territory belonging to Ukraine, including Crimea. Therefore, I suggest an armistice with the following terms:

  1. Stop military aid to Ukraine with the aim of retaking territories annexed by Russia. This strategy will not make Putin lose the war and will only add fuel to the fire by escalating the conflict to the nuclear level. We know that the consequences would be disastrous for the entire world.
  2. Establish a ceasefire by freezing the current territorial state with the Ukrainian territories annexed as occupied by Russia. Ukraine has already suffered a lot from this war. For the sake of the Ukrainian people, this conflict must stop immediately.
  3. Increase sanctions against Russia. All possible: economic, scientific, cultural and sporting. Isolate Russia as much as possible. A situation that would be reversed only when the entire annexed territory was returned to Ukraine in full. It may take a few years but one day it will happen.
  4. Establish February 27 as a date to be remembered by everyone in defense of Ukraine's sovereignty. All world leaders who are on the side of Ukraine and the truth would remind Russia on that day that all Ukrainian territory taken since 2014 must be returned to its rightful owner.
  5. All world leaders who are on Ukraine's side, as well as government officials and artists, would follow the example of Roman senator Cato, the Elder (although his intention was not worthy) and end every speech or any public demonstration with the phrase: "Russia, return the territory that belongs to Ukraine!"

I believe that these few points, which can be improved and added to by others, will be able to bring peace and hope for a better world. I ask all government officials who are directly and indirectly involved in this conflict to think about the urgency for peace. Especially President Vladimir Putin whose birthday is the same day that Catholics celebrate the day of Our Lady of the Rosary (7 October). A curious fact is that Our Lady of Fatima, that of the famous Third Secret of Fatima is the same Lady of the Rosary, to whom Pope Francis consecrated Russia and Ukraine on March 25 this year..

Finally, I ask that wherever they are, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Ghandhi and Jesus guide the rulers of all nations to always seek the path of peace, tolerance and diplomacy in the resolution of conflicts between nations.

Turusu, the Amazonian Indian.

Brazil, November 2, 2022.


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